Sunday, February 21, 2016

Let's Talk APPsolutely Wonderful APPs for Artists

Hello Everyone.  There are SO many APPsolutely Wonderful APPs available to Artists.

I wanted to share with you my top two favorite drawing, sketching and painting APPs for Artists.

I 'LOVE' Procreate:

And I also enjoy Paper 53 a lot as well.

Here are a few drawings I created using Procreate:


And here are a couple using Paper 53:

It's been really fun playing around with so many different apps creating lots and lots of different drawings using my iPad.  Can't wait to show more in the days ahead.

What are some APPsolutely Wonderful APPs that you enjoy using as an artist?  

Cheers!  Happy Painting! and... Break a Bristle or better yet Break a Pixel.


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  1. Hi Joan!! So good to hear from you in Blog Land! Your drawings are adorable! I love your art! I have to admit, I have never used anything like this before! I am too old school! LOL! I've missed you, since I haven't been on Facebook! Hugs! (hope your health is well!)