Friday, September 5, 2014

September 2014 Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta

Here we are at Day #5 of Leslie Saeta's September 2014 Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge.  I used two canvas surfaces for today's painting.  I like to change things up a bit, and this is the result of doing just that. 

One canvas is 5 inches x 4 inches and the other is 4 inches by 2 inches.  I was going for a continued dimensional look. 

Wishing everyone a great weekend.  Hope you enjoy this 'out of the box' painting.  Here is another view: 

Happy Painting.  Cheers.  and... Break a Bristle. 



  1. I think these paintings you do are so cool!

    1. Hey There Stacy! Thanks! You know me.... I gotta be different!! and I love every minute when I am. Thank you for your words. Have a fun day. TTYL. xo