Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 2014 Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta - Day #24

Down the Rabbit Hole - Alice

It's Day #24 of Leslie Saeta's September 2014 Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge. 

I'm continuing with my "Down the Rabbit Hole" series and today I have Alice!   

I must admit that I haven't quite completed all 24 paintings.  I have five days missing.  Whether or not I will be able to catch up is a mystery.  I'm trying, so we will see what happens. 

Hope you enjoy today's "Alice in Wonderland".

Happy Painting! Cheers! and ... Break a Bristle.


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Here are the other paintings I have completed in my "Down the Rabbit Hole" series:

Down the Rabbit Hole - The Mad Hatter

Down the Rabbit Hole - The Rabbit

Down the Rabbit Hole - The Cheshire Cat

Down the Rabbit Hole - The Pocket Watch


  1. I love her boots, and her ringlets. She looks suitably curious! Love his royal blueness!

    1. Thanks, Sheila! That's a cool name for him: His Royal Blueness! :o)

  2. Excellent work my friend ;o)
    Love how she is looking at the caterpillar!
    Great painting!
    I know you will catch up ;o) I have faith in you ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

    1. Hey There Stacy! Thanks for stopping by! So glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the vote of confidence!! I will need it. You know that ole sayin' something like: So much to little time! Yikes! :O0 Thanks for your nice words, too.