Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 2014 Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta - Day #10

"Little Girl with Rocking Horse"
Well, it's Day #10 of Leslie Saeta's - September 2014 Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge! 

I must say, I am pretty proud of myself because for 10 days now I haven't missed one day yet!  (notice I said 'yet')

Anyhow, today's painting is called "Little Girl with Rocking Horse".  I know, I know... not a very original title.  This was another image that I found over at The Graphics Fairy.

I am experimenting again with my drawing skills by using the line drawing method.  This is the third painting I have completed for Leslie's challenge using the line drawing method with the help of Lee Hammond's "Big Book of Drawing".

Three years ago when I started my painting journey, I practiced this line drawing method.  And I quickly grew very bored with it because it took SOOOO long to complete.  I didn't have the patience back then... I wanted immediate results.  Here are some of the first drawings I completed back then:

Now that I do have the patience, I am wanting to explore many ways/techniques of drawing. 
 Here is a close up of today's painting:

If you any suggestions as to what I could name this one, please let know.

See ya for Day #11.

Happy Painting!  Cheers!  and ... Break a Bristle.



  1. She is so cute! How about the name, "Blue Bonnet" ;o)
    Your drawings are great!
    Hugs ;o)
    (Yet! LOL!)

    1. Little Blue Bonnet. That's cute! Now that I have discovered line/grid drawing - its making me a happy camper. The process is time consuming, but the rewards are so fun!! Thanks for visiting Stacy. Hope you are having a wonderful day.