Monday, September 8, 2014

My Dog Snood's help with Vasulitis - Happy Story :o)

Dog Snoods can help with Vasulitis

 In addition to creating a variety of ART, you might not know this, however, I also sew a variety of items for Dogs!  I just had to share this post with everyone.  I love "Happy Stories" like this:

You may not know what a snood is, but they happen to be one of LLD's most popular items! Snoods help protect long-eared dogs from chewing their ears when eating. Snoods can also keep ears safe from head-shaking. They are used for healing purposes to protect the affected area so that this area doesn't reopen so quickly after the initial healing.

Just today, over at my Facebook Page, we received the most wonderful news that LuLu is making progress with an ear problem called vasculitis.  She recently had a visit with her veterinarian and they are very happy with the progress LuLu is making.  Her mom, Linda said that LuLu's ear are doing much better and she believes that the snood has made all the difference.  LuLu still has more recovering to do, however, she is off to a good start!  I am so happy to be of help with this.  And it means a lot to me that Linda kept me updated.

So, if you or anyone you know has a dog that suffers from vasculitis or other similar ear issues, please do let them know all about our snoods.

#6 - Snow Leopard
I offer dog snoods in seven (7) sizes as well as I will be more than happy to make a custom snood for your dog's needs as well.

We have over 40 fabric patterns to choose from.  Here are just a couple. 

#7 - Red Bandana

#1 - Royal Blue Bandana

Plus, if you need a snood that is water resistant.... we offer those, too!    Come check us out, we would love to assist you with all your snood needs. 

#4DWR - Ocean

Many thanks to Linda - LuLu's mom for sharing this wonderful experience with us!!

Have a wonderful day, everyone.



  1. This is fantastic Joan! Makes me very happy inside! I am glad you are creating pieces like this!
    (Don't know if you have been to my blog, but I was attacked by yellow jackets! I am trying to catch up in blog world! I am doing a lot better!)

    1. Oh my goodness, Stacy!!! You poor little thing!!!! I am SO sorry to hear that. Not just one??? But many? Geeze!!! Mean little buggers!!! Sending you lots of healing thoughts. XO Glad you are doing better.

  2. Thanks my friend ;o) My head is still itchy! Trying not to take the drugs, because they make me so sleepy!