Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ART at Linden Line Designs

Here is a photo of my daughter - McKenna.  She has been my web designer at Linden Line Designs for 9+ years.  (At Linden Line Designs I make dog collars, dog harnesses, leashes, snoods and more). 

Not only is she the web designer, she has maintained the entire LLD website all these years as well.  And, all of this web knowledge is self-taught. 

She has been working on a new logo at LLD which combines my sewing and my art:

I think it is pretty darn cool.  She actually has a sewing needle on the left with sewing stitches that turn into a solid line that is represented by the paint brush!  Pretty cool, indeed. 

She has been working very hard at combining the Pet Products side of Linden Line Designs with the Original Art side of Linden Line Designs

So, this post is to thank my daughter for so many things; designing such a beautiful website all these years, combining LLD to represent Pet Products and Original Art, and for just being her. 

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.



  1. Your daughter is beautiful and very talented!! Big Hugs McKenna ;o) Great name!

  2. The website looks amazing! I saw my painting ;o)

  3. Wow Joan, your daughter is pretty and so talented. The website looks great!

  4. Beautiful! And I am so impressed McKenna. You are very valuable to employers, and wow!!! So many business you could start for yourself with your talent. I hope you have shades, 'cuz your future is VERY bright! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qrriKcwvlY and here is a bit of history.... but to me it will always be a statement of the positive. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Future's_So_Bright,_I_Gotta_Wear_Shades