Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Carla Sonheim's Online Class: "The Year of the Fairy Tale"

I have signed up for Carla Sonheim's Year Long Online Class:  The Year of the Fairy Tale. 

Our first Fairy Tale is:  The Princess Frog. 

Our first assignments were a variety of drawing techniques that lead to creating and establishing a character style for our Princess and our Frog. 

Okay, so above is my Princess. 

Now...here is my Frog?  Nope!  I simply could not draw a frog that I was happy with.  No matter what profile I used, I could not design a drawing that resembled the frog I wanted to use to represent my frog for this fairy tale.  In frustration, I said to my husband "I can't draw a frog...sure wished it was The Princess Cat, or Dog."  Then he said "how about a mouse!"  I jumped for Joy!!  A Mouse it is!!  So, here is my Princess Mouse:

A Mouse works perfectly for me because when my daughter, McKenna,  was a little girl I read a lot of storybooks to her, and we both were drawn to many of the cute little mouse stories.  Plus, one of the nick names that her grandma calls her is "McKer Mouse".  

I am also very excited because McKenna aka "McKer Mouse", will be writing a fairy tale to go along with all of my illustrations!  What a cool Mother & Daughter project, right?  :)

Hope you enjoy my drawings.

Happy Painting!  Cheers!  and ... Break a Bristle.



  1. Too cool! I love how you worked the mouse in so well, including your memories of your daughter when she was young, all weaved in!

  2. I can see a whole line of McKer Mouse tales! This little mouse has a lot of sass going on!

  3. ah joan, i love this! i love that you made a princess mouse, and a beauty she is...

    i've been out of town for the last month... thank you for the heads up re: gillian's class! i appreciate it!

    all is well with me and i trust that all is well with you too...


  4. your little mouse is so cute!!

    i haven't started on the next step yet. too afraid to try a new technique. i KNOW it won't look like i want it to. oh, well...

  5. Joan, this is so cool! First, I love your Princess and I love your mouse ;o) Now, that I know the story with your daughter, "Mcker Mouse", and that she is writing a story to go with your illustrations, this makes everything even more cool and more special! I can't wait!!!

  6. Aww..this is so adorable Joan!! I love that you'll be doing the project with your daughter. xo

  7. Cute characters Joan, and great idea to transform that frog into a mouse instead of a everyday prince :) nice work and YES a brilliant project for a little one and their mum/dad/granny or significant carer to work on!

  8. This should be very interesting to watch!
    I do like your haughty princess and good thinking to make a not-frog mouse.

  9. Very cute Joan, good to go with what works and that mouse is cute, so great to have a project with your daughter, have fun!