Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Painting #29 - Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days - January 2014 Challenge

Here is my painting for Day #29. 

I wanted to paint another Vase Face however this time, I wanted to make it look like it was very old from long ago.  In a way, she kinda looks like an old antique doll possibly?

Not really sure about this one...but it's all I got. 

I started out with a black background again.  There are lots of layers of paint on this one as I kept changing my mind and painting over everything. 

Only one more day left! 

Happy Painting!  Cheers!  and ...  Break a Bristle.



  1. Your face - vase makes me happy!
    I am totally in love with this!

    such an inspiring PIECE!!

  2. love this color palette…very bold!!

  3. OouUUUUU! I love it! I love the little shots of turquoise everywhere. When I first looked at her, she seemed a little sad, but now I can see a small smile starting to form. I LOVE the abundance of flowers! An abundance of fortitude? Of creativity? Of love? She seems to be looking off, lost in thought... looking to the future maybe? Are you looking to the future as well Joan? New beginnings!
    Congratulations Joan - another month of amazing paintings!

  4. I think this one is very interesting! I like the way you made it look old! Big Hugs ;o)

  5. Such nice colors Joan! Today's the last day! Yay! Horay! Yipee! Can't wait to see what you post today! I know it will be beautiful, as always! : )

  6. OMG Joan I totally adore this one!!! Look at this texture and those lushious colors!! I have to say it is my absolute favorite of yours!! ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly