Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Painting #15 - Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days - January 2014 Challenge

Here is my painting for Day #15 of Leslie Saeta's painting challenge.  We are starting Week Three!  Man!  The time is going by so fast. 

Today's painting is called "Blue Moon.  I couldn't figure out what to paint for today.  While I was looking through a Vogue magazine, I saw an advertisement for eye shadows and I liked the colors and the shapes, so I thought 'what the heck', since I can't figure out what to paint, I will paint somewhat of an abstract design using these colors and shapes. 

Don't think I have a future in Abstract Painting, but it was fun trying. 

Happy Painting!  Cheers!  and ... Break a Bristle.



  1. Replies
    1. Geeze, thanks for the compliment. I was having a 'block' and couldn't figure out what to paint... After painting this one, I have decided that abstracts are not really fun for me so I don't believe I will continue with them. Hopefully I can get back on track and figure out what in the world to paint. Thanks for visiting. Have a fun day.

  2. Very cool looking! The shapes look like they are popping out! Very different for you Joan! I like ;o)

    1. You said pretty much what my daughter said, too. Thanks, Stacy. But, like I mentioned to Myra (above) - for me anyways - abstracts are not fun. And it is all about having fun for me!! :) Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day. I need to get out of my painter's slump so I can get back to having fun!!

  3. You have to have fun when you create ;o)

  4. I looooove the abstact one ALOT!! Looks very eyecatching to me :) ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  5. I seriously like this, it is really difficult to make a good abstract and you have definitely succeeded here. Maybe it's the start of a new career?

  6. I know I commented on this one... hmmm...This made me think of candy. Godiva Chocolates, and taffy. You have such a way with abstracts Joan. I think this would make a great postcard. So graphic!