Monday, September 30, 2013

My Painting #30 - 30 Paintings in 30 Days - September 2013 Challenge

Today is Day #30 of Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days - September 2013 Daily Painting Challenge.  Hooray!!  I completed a total of 30 paintings for the month of September! 

Today's painting is a Painted Poem.  The poem was written by:   William Carlos Williams - it is entitled The Red Wheelbarrow. This painting is 2 feet x 3 feet.  (sorry about the not so good photo!)  The poem reads as follows:

So much depends upon
A red wheelbarrow
Glazed with rain water
Beside the white chickens

I actually started this painting a while ago.  It was another work in progress that I totally neglected.  When I decided to participate in Leslie's 30 in 30 challenge, I told myself that I was going to paint a little each day on this painted poem so that by Day #30 it would be completed!  And it is!!  Whew!  This was quite an undertaking!  (Well, I still have to varnish it...but.. the painting part is finished.)

I got the idea of painting this poem in this manner from one of Paul Klee's painted poems entitled "Once Emerged from the Grey of Night" - dated 1918.   I thought this was a very cool idea and wanted to give it a try!  (My feeling now that it is completed.  Well, let's just say, I won't be painting anymore poems in the near future :o)

This painting completes the challenge!  Sticking with this challenge is my birthday present to me from me because today is my birthday!  You ask how old are you??  "wink...wink..29".

I would like to thank everyone who has followed me on this 30 in 30 painting journey.  I sincerely appreciate each word of support, encouragement, compliment, advice and friendly visit.  Thank you all so very much.

Happy Painting!  Cheers! and ... Break a Bristle. 

Sending lots of hugs to you all,



    Oh my gosh I Love your poem painting, what an accomplishment!!
    It's beautiful love the colors :)

    1. Thank you, Pat.
      I truly enjoyed your 30 in 30 as well. Wishing you lots of Happy Painting Days ahead! Hope to see you for the next 30 in 30 of January 2014.

  2. Happy birthday my dear artsy pal! And I adore your final clever and wonderful it is. And oh my ... the size. Wow. I'm so impressed and wish you a marvelous year of painting! Xo

    1. Hey There Joanie!
      Thank you. Yeah, this one took a very long time!! Have an awesome artful day! Can't wait for your Glorious Gouache online class. I know it's going to be lots of fun!! I will be first in line to sign up!

  3. YAY!!!! You DID IT!!! Congrats. That is a hard challenge and you did it with wonderful paintings everyday. Your paintings certainly brightened my days and it was fun watching what you would create each day! Happy Birthday! Hugs!

  4. Thank you Robin! I truly appreciate you stopping by and leaving me such uplifting and very kind comments! So glad I found you via Magic Love Crow! Have a super fun day!! Hugs right back @ cha :o)

  5. Happy Day Joan!! I am so proud of you!!! This painting is very different and bright! I bet it took you many hours to paint! Congrats again ;o) Hugs ;o)