Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Painting #15 - 30 Paintings in 30 Days - September 2013 Challenge

Today we are starting Week #3 of Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days - September 2013 Daily Painting Challenge.

For today's painting, I had already prepared the background ahead of time.  This is another mixed media painting.  After letting the glue dry, so that I could start adding paint for a background, I decided that I would just throw my left over paint onto the surface.  After looking at the results, I really liked how the colors formed and made a neat effect for me to paint in this longer mask type image. 

So, on top of the thrown on paint, I used a writing stencil. 

What cha think?  Has a unique feel to it, doesn't it. 

Hmm...don't really know what to call this one?  Any suggestions?? 

Hope you enjoy today's painting. 

See you for day #16.

Happy Painting!  Cheers!  and ... Break a Bristle.



  1. yes it does have a unique feel
    enjoyed hearing about the layers and techniques
    so fun that you are doing a painting a day

    thank you that you for sharing my art and poetry with your daughter, that was fun to hear about.

    I wish her dreams come true with her writing and book!

  2. This is so fabulous Joan! I can't think of a name... but the warm colors... "warm thoughts"... "warm memories"...

  3. Awesome painting Joan! I am enjoying watching each day's face. For a name...hmmm..."writing thoughts in my mind" is what I feel. Have a wonderful day! Rasz

  4. Very unique! Love it! I would call this painting, "I See You" ;o) Take Care ;o)