Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Picasso Style

I have been happily sharing my artwork.  A lot of the art I have been sharing is art that I started over a year ago as a total beginner.

In a few weeks, I will be sharing my most current art.

Here is one of my most favorite faces that I drew while taking Alisa Burke's Art of Abstraction class.

I don't know why I like this one, but I do.

It is my take on the Picasso style.

I am also using it for my blog icon!

Happy Art Everyone!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Living in Harmony - Mixed Media Cat & Bird

I have been working with mixed media these days.  I love using gel medium as a glue with paper, fabrics and tissue.  It is a very relaxing process gluing a variety of items to each project.

Last summer we had a new wooden fence built, and I asked the builder if I could have all the 6" wide scraps of cedar boards.  I love painting and gluing on Cedar.  It truly smells wonderful.

This is the first step of using a piece of that cedar I am now calling:  "Living in Harmony":

I started off by gluing fabric squares:

 Then I added tissue paper, images of a Bird, daisies, leopard print using  paper napkins, and sheet music, plus a few stamps:

Here is the finished product:

This truly was a lot of fun! 

Happy Creating Everyone.