Saturday, February 9, 2013

Yesterday, I discovered a wonderful site which is part of the Wiki craze!!  It is WikiPaintings.  I haven't had much time to really explore the site.  However, I did look over their page on Picasso.  And oh my, they have just tons of Picasso paintings that I haven't seen yet.   I can't wait to explore in more detail.

I would have to say that Picasso is on the very top of my "Favorites" list.  Last year, is when I truly started practicing with painting and taking online art classes.

Speaking of Picasso, here is Picasso's 1937 painting of Dora Maar Seated:

Here is my practice version that I painted in May 2012:

At that time, I was taking one of Alisa Burke's online art classes, and decided that I would spice it up a little using her 'messy' technique.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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  1. I love your messy version...and hey, I didn't know you had your blog set up, silly girl....but I found you nonetheless. Keep painting, Joan, I can feel that spark inside you. Lots more to come! Brava!