Friday, February 1, 2013

Paintings in the Sky

I remember when we were kids on a beautiful summer day, we would look up at the sky and try to find a picture in the clouds.

To this day, all grown up... I still love looking up at the sky to see what sorts of pictures I can find from the various cloud formations.

Hmm,  in the following "Cloud Painting in the Sky", I see a few seagulls.

What do you see?

 Let's try another.  If I look at this one vertically, I see a crowd of people standing.

What do you see?

And last but not least,  I see a cat.

What do you see?
I have been taking various online art classes for a little over a year now, and they have been amazing.  You notice things on a completely different level.  Everyday objects become new and rewarding objects to paint or draw.  Children see things like this all the time!

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Until next time,

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