Friday, January 11, 2013

Favorites on Friday: Picasso

With Art it is impossible to pick only one favorite painting or drawing or an Artist for that matter.   Well, let's just say for me it is.  So, I thought it would be a fun idea to share all of my "Favorites on Friday".

Picasso!  He is one of my #1 Favorites.  And there are several of his paintings that I just love.  This is an all time favorite entitled:  Jacqueline with Crossed Hands, 1954. Oil on canvas, 116 x 88.5 cm.  Musee Picasso, Paris.  It is featured in one of my art books called:  "Fifty Artists You Should Know":

It was a year ago this month, that I started having interest in learning how to draw and paint.  So, I found an old book to use as my practice journal.  At that time, I didn't have any paints, so I used colored pencils.  I was curious to know whether or not I would be able to copy this painting of Picasso's so.... I just went for it and here is the result:

Not too bad for a real beginner, with no art training - huh?

Who are some of your Favorite Artists?

Wishing you a Wonderful Weekend,

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