Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Got Kindness?? 26 Acts of Kindness

26 Acts of Kindness was started by Ann Curry of NBC News, as a way to honor the 26 that were taken from Sandy Hook Elementary.  However, I would like to think that in addition to honoring those from Sandy Hook Elementary, 26 Acts of Kindness is a nice way to honor all life that has been taken due to wrongful gun violence and for that matter wrongful violence in general.  So help spread the word - help Kindness prevail. As Ann Curry said:  "Are You In?"

Read all about it on  Facebook and NBC News

And remember - no matter what you do... big or small, Kindness will truly help us all.

P.S.  (you ask?? what are my acts of kindness??, well... I have completed three so far and here they are:

I just learned of 26  Acts of Kindess last night.  I looked at my current pet products inventory and filled a medium flat rate box with dog collars and cat collars and anomously mailed them to a local pet rescue explaining the whole 26 Acts of Kindness mission.

My second act of kindness was to give $$ to a Grandmother and  her five year old Granddaughter so they could go toy shopping together.

My  third act of kindness was to fill several paper grocery bags with a variety of nicely used winter clothing as well as a variety of nicely used household items that I will take to our local Senior Center tomorrow so that they can sell the items at their Thrift Shop and all money they receive from my donated items will be used to help support all their wonderful efforts in helping local Senior Citizens in our area

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